Adopt a Digger Crayfish
Adopt a Digger Crayfish

Adopt a Digger Crayfish

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Virtually adopt a Digger Crayfish to help support Natural Areas programs that help monitor and protect the unique and amazing wildlife that lives in Milwaukee County.

Digital adoptions include a certificate in recognition of your adoption, a fact sheet about the animal, a crayfish sticker, a Milwaukee County parks print map and updates throughout the year about the work the Milwaukee County Parks Natural Areas team does to monitor and protect crayfish. 

Milwaukee County Parks are home to several species of crayfish, including the native Digger Crayfish, listed as a “Species of Greatest Conservation Need” by the WI DNR.

Digger crayfish grow to around 3.5” and have short broad pincers, small spurs, and a rounded snout. This species gets its name from its burrowing ability – they will dig up to several feet deep in floodplain forest or near ephemeral ponds. The opening of the burrows often have a “chimney” or mound made of excavated mud.

Digger crayfish eat a diet of plant matter, insects, snails, small fish, and carrion.

Double your impact - this donation is part of our $10,000 Natural Areas matching challenge! If we hit $10,000 in donations by June 20 the amount will be matched.